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Greetings from Holland

July, 2003

    The World Assembly of IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students) took place in De Bron, Holland, in July 2003. 600 students and staff members from 140 countries were gathered in a conference center on beautiful Dutch countryside. 
    It was a foretaste of heaven to be able to sing together with all these Christians from different continents, races and denominations: Great is thy faithfulness, oh God my Father... We heard so many stories about the faithfulness of our Lord in the middle of hardships, even persecutions. Many new friendships developed. . 
    Around 30 people attended to the track "Dynamic place of the Bible in our fellowship" where I was asked to introduce Glad Tidings Bible Studies. Many people got interested in our questions and decided to try them in their groups. We Finns had also brought 120 Bible study booklets in English, Japanese, French and Russian with us and distributed them among the participants. I got many invitations to come and teach GT in other countries.
    The World Assembly was a truly one of the best experiences in my whole life. Thank you for your prayers. 
    Mailis Janatuinen

Here are some pictures from Holland.

    1. What is more typical to Holland than clogs! A clog maker in our bazaar.

    1. Mikä olisikaan hollantilaisempaa kuin puukengät. Puusuutari markkinoilla maailmankonferenssissa.

    2. We used one day for planning the future of IFES in groups.

    2. Yksi päivä käytettiin IFESin tulevaisuuden suunnittelemiseen ryhmissä.

    3. Two IFES veterans, one from England, one from Korea. There were many people we could really look up to.

    3. Kaksi IFESin veteraania, yksi Englannista toinen Koreasta. Tapasimme monta todella kunnoitettavaa ihmistä.

    4. Mailis between two general secretaries: Peter from Bangladesh and Onuma-san from Japan.

    4. Mailis kahden pääsihteerin välissä: Peter Bangladeshistä ja Onuma-san Japanista.

    5. Maria Sten from Finland distributing Glad Tidings Bible study guides in bazaar.

    5. Maria Sten, ruotisinkielisen työn vastaava Suomesta, jakelemassa ilosanomapiiri oppaita konferenssin basaarissa.

    5. A windmill near our conference center de Bron.

    5. Tuulimylly konferenssikeskus de Bronin lähellä