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Glad Tidings Bible studies consist of four sets of Bible study questions, one for every Gospel of the NT. What, then, is so special about these studies?

Introducing GT Bible studies with five key concepts:

1. GT Bible studies are a tool for spreading the Gospel to your friends
You can introduce Jesus to your friends and relatives through a Glad Tidings group. We can learn from church history that a small group has always been a vehicle of reaching new people.

2. GT Bible studies are something that any Christian can do
If a layperson is asked to organize an evangelistic meeting, it requires much preparation from him/her. A Glad Tidings group, however, is very easy to arrange. The more such groups you have in your church, the more lay people can take part in evangelization.

3. GT Bible studies are a very good tool for discovering the truths of the Bible
Because the participants have to answer questions, they always make many discoveries about the text. People learn much more effectively by discovering something for themselves rather than by hearing what others have already discovered.

4. A GT group is a place where you and your friends can meet Jesus
Jesus is the Word who became flesh, which means that we can always meet him in the word of the Bible. The purpose of a Glad Tidings group is not primarily to teach facts about Christianity, but to let people meet the living Savior. Jesus himself speaks to the participants during a Bible study, comforts them and helps them. See Matt.18,20.

5. A GT group is a place where both Christians and non-Christians can find a warm fellowship
When we discuss a Bible passage, something happens also among us. Hearts are opened; problems are shared with other participants as well as with Jesus. And when fellowship becomes meaningful, people bring their friends and the group starts to grow.


Our aim is to help Christians all over the world to have a meaningful program for their evangelistic house meetings. By doing so we would like to prevent churches from becoming ghettoes where Christians mix only with other Christians. There are not so many good textbooks available for meetings where Christians and non-Christians mix. Here you have four of them. We are convinced that GTBS questions are neither too difficult nor too easy for this purpose. These questions have been written and tested in two countries as different as Japan and Finland. That is why they can be used both in non-Christian and post-Christian cultures.

Our second aim is to help church workers give responsibility to their lay people. The church workers are not needed in every meeting. Christians grow when they are made responsible for some meaningful activity in their churches.

Our third aim is to show as many people as possible what a wonderful Savior we have in Jesus and what an interesting book we have in the Bible.


We want to make both GTBS questions and training courses available in as many countries and languages as possible. That is why we need translators and teams all over the world. There are GTBS teams already in Japan, Russia, Finland and Germany. Books with GT questions have been translated into English, Japanese, Russian, Finnish, Chinese, Norwegian, German, French, Mongolian, Estonian and Bengali. The Swedish, Slovakian and Khmer versions are under way. If you are interested, please contact us at mailis(-at-) We will gladly help you by sending material and (if possible) people to show you how to start GTBS groups.

We would also like to hear about your experiences with GT groups and perhaps publish your stories on our website.

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