Glad Tidings for Beginners

If you are starting a Glad Tidings group and don't know where to start, we recommend you to use these ten easy texts. We have made them easier still from what they are elsewhere on our web page.

1. God is born as a babyLuke 2:1-20
2.Jesus meets a paralyzed manMark 2:1-12
3.Jesus meets a successful young politicianMark 10:17-27
4.Jesus meets a sinful womanLuke 7:36-50
5.Teachings of Jesus A: two lost sonsLuke 15:11-32
6.Teachings of Jesus B: Who is my neighbor?Luke 10:25-37
7.Jesus meets the head of a tax officeLuke 19:1-10
8.Jesus meets a blind beggarMark 10:46-52
9.Jesus meets two murderersLuke 23:32-43
10.The risen Jesus meets his doubting discipleJohn 20:19-31

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