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Some suggestions how to use Glad Tidings Bible studies in your congregation.

For new beginners

Take one Gospel and start with the easiest texts. After five meetings you can choose any text, and your group will be able to discuss it.
Otherwise you can make a series of Bible Studies around different themes and for different times.
You can use these themes in your weekly meetings, or in camps, retreats and so on.

A series on last days of Jesus (to be before or around Easter)

(The number indicates, not the chapter, but the number of the study in Glad Tidings Bible study books.)

Mark 22   John 16   John 19   John 20   Matt. 29   John 21   Mark 23   Luke 35   Luke 36   Matt. 30   John 22

A series on the resurrection of Jesus

Matt. 31   Mark 24   John 23   Luke 37   John 24   John 25

A series on John the Baptist

Mark 1   Luke 5   Matt.3   Matt.11   Mark 8

A series on Peter

Luke 7   Matt.15   Matt.17   Matt.18   John 16   Matt.29   John 21   Luke 35   Mark 24   John 25

A series on Mary, the Mother of Jesus (to be used for example around Christmas time)

Luke 1   Matt.1   Luke 2   Luke 3   Matt.2   John 3   John 22

A series on the women who met Jesus (not including Mary, the Mother of Jesus and the sisters of Bethany)

Luke 3   Luke 11   Luke 12   Luke 22   Luke 34   Matt.16   John 6   Mark 7   John 11   Mark 24   John 23

A series on the sisters of Bethany

Luke 17   John 14   Mark 22

A series on children and their parents

Mark 6   Mark 13   Mark 14   Mark 15   Matt.16   John 7

A series on the discipleship (Peter is not included)

John 2   Matt.9   Mark 4   Mark 12   Luke 15   John 9   Mark 17   John 16   John 20   John 24   Luke 37

A series on the parables

Matt.14   Matt.19   Matt.21   Matt. 23   Matt.26   Matt.27   Matt. 28   Luke 10   Luke 13   Luke 16   Luke 19   Luke 20   Luke 21   Luke 24   Luke 25   Luke 26   Luke 27   Luke 28   Luke 30   Luke 31   Luke 33   John 18

(You can divide these for example to the parables on God's saving grace and the parables about the last times)

A series on the teaching of Jesus (other than the parables)

From the Sermon on the Mount

Matt.5   Matt.6   Matt.7   Luke 8   Luke 9

On Last Days

Matt.25   Mark 21

On Various Themes

Matt.10   Matt.12   Matt.13   Matt.20   Matt.24

A series on God and Satan

Matt.4   Mark 5   Luke 15   Mark 13   Matt.16   John 21   Luke 38

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