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  1. DIVORCE 1-9
    • Why were the Pharisees occupied with the question of divorce (vs.3)?
    • What do people in our time think about divorce?
    • According to Jesus, what happens when two people get married (verses 4-5a)?
    • The leader should read Deut.24:1. What exactly did Moses command and what did he allow in this passage? Compare his words with the Pharisees' interpretation of them (vs.7).
    • According to Jesus, what are the arguments for a life-long marriage (verses 4,5,6,8,9).
    • Why do you think unfaithfulness is the one and only reason that Jesus would accept for divorce (vs.9)?
    • What will happen in a society where divorce becomes more and more common?
  2. REMARRIAGE 9-10
    • Compare verses 8-9 to Matt.5:32. What does Jesus teach about remarriage while the divorced spouse is still living? Stick to the text!
    • The leader should read 1 Cor.7:10-11 and Rom.7:2-3. What does Paul teach about remarriage while the previous spouse is living?
    • Why did the disciples react as they did to Jesus' teaching (verse 10)?
    • Why do you think the teaching of Jesus and Paul concerning remarriage is practically stifled to death even inside Christian churches of our day?
  3. SINGLENESS 11-12
    • What does it mean that somebody is born as "an eunuch"?
    • In what ways may other people make a person unable to marry?
    • What does it mean in practice that somebody renounces marriage because of the kingdom of heaven?
    • Do you think that a person can lead a good life without sexual fulfillment? Give your reasons.
    • What, according to Jesus, is more important for a Christian than attaining personal happiness?
    • Whose good was Jesus concerned about when making such strict rules for our relationships with the other sex?
    • What should a person, who has not fulfilled the commandments Jesus gives in this passage, do?
    • What do you think will happen to a person's attitude to the Bible if he/she denies the validity of Jesus' teaching in this passage?

GLAD TIDINGS: The leader should read John 8:4-11

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