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Mark 12:41-44

Background: In Herod’s temple there were 13 trumpet-shaped chests into which money was raised for the construction and restoration of the temple. Herod’s temple was not finally completed in 63 AD and it was destroyed in 70 ADabout 40 years after the events of the text. The temple was the most important means of grace, i.e. the place for the forgiveness of sins and encountering God. Note that there are many promises in the Old Testament for widows and orphans. Probably the widow in our text had heard them in the synagogue.

Preliminary questions

Verses 41-42. The copper coin was the smallest in use in Israel. Its value was perhaps about 20 cents in our currency. With that amount, one could probably have bought the ingredients of vegetable soup or a couple of eggs at the market of Jerusalem.

Widow’s faith

Verses 43-44

Concluding questions

Glad tidings: The widow’s coin was a type of sacrifice Jesus made to save us from hell. He gave not only everything he needed to live but his life.

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