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Mark 2:18-22

Background: John the Baptist was the last prophet of the old covenant. Some of Jesus’ disciples were first his disciples and they were used to fasting. John the Baptist was imprisoned at the same time as Jesus began his public ministry. Pharisees fasted twice a week, although the Law of Moses ordered to fast only on one day a year. In principle, Jesus was not against fasting, cf. Matt. 6:16-18. He had himself fasted for 40 days at the beginning of his ministry. A wedding was the most wonderful thing people knew, and it lasted for many days. Then everyone could get their stomachs full of good food.

Verse 18-19

Verse 20

Verse 21. In the Bible, a robe is always an important thing starting from Adam and Eve’s leather suits. It often describes righteousness.

Verse 22

Concluding question

Glad tidings: The bridegroom, Jesus, was taken away from the disciples on Good Friday. Then the robe of righteousness was stripped of him so that it might be put upon us. It was this gospel of grace that was the new message that cannot be combined with the teachings of any other religion.

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