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Mark 1:29-39

Background: The brothers Simon Peter and Andrew were from Bethsaida. They might have moved to Capernaum as a consequence of Simon’s marriage, settled in the wife’s home and continued the profession of fisherman. Jesus had just moved into the same town and called those two brothers and their fishing companions James and John to be his disciples (1:16-20). Our text tells about the first Sabbath of Jesus in Capernaum when he had just preached in the synagogue and driven a demon out of a man. After the service, Simon called Jesus, James and John into his house for the Sabbath meal. Meanwhile, his mother-in-law had got a malaria attack. Malaria is a life-threatening disease for an old person.

Verses 29-31

Verses 32-34. Sabbath ended at sunset. In the dark people didn’t usually move.

Verses 35-39. Jesus’ evangelistic campaign in Capernaum lasted only one day.

Glad tidings: Our text is about the one-sided love of Jesus. He healed Simon’s mother-in-law though no one did even ask for that. He healed folks in Capernaum, even though he knew they would not repent. He died on the cross for the whole world though the majority of the world rejected him. Today he is coming through this gospel text to you and your family to help you in your present distress.

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