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20. ONE FAITHFUL, THE OTHER NOT (Luke 12:35-48)

BACKGROUND: The word "servant" can also mean "slave".

Verses 35-40

  1. What should a servant do in order to stay awake for the best part of the night?
    • What may happen if the servant falls asleep before his master has come home?
  2. Do you think it is easy to wait for the second coming of Jesus? Why or why not?
    • Why is the coming of Jesus likened to a thief breaking into a house?
  3. What is the thing Jesus wants to warn us against through these verses (35-40)?
    • How could you, in practice, open your door for Jesus today?

Verses 41-46

  1. Compare the two managers in these verses, the good and the bad. What are the differences?
    • What makes these managers act in such different ways?
  2. Compare the relationship of these two managers with their master? How does it differ from one to another?
    • How does our attitude toward the coming of Jesus influence our service in the kingdom of God?
  3. What are the things Jesus has entrusted to the "managers" of his church until he comes back?
    • Which task has Jesus entrusted to you personally?
  4. Where do we find these "managers" of the church who beat their fellow servants, eat and get drunk?
    • What kind of punishment will await these "managers"?

Verses 47-48

  1. Whose fault is it that there are people in Christian churches who don't know the will of their Lord?
    • By what yardstick are the servants of God judged at the end?

The summary:

  1. When and where does Jesus dress himself to serve and come to wait for us (37b)?
  2. Why did Jesus have to experience the fate of the unfaithful servant: he was assigned the place of the unbelievers and, so to speak, cut to pieces (46b)?

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