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17. THE ONLY THING NEEDED (Luke 10:38-42)

BACKGROUND: The position of women was not the same in Jesus' time as it is now. Among other things, women could not study the Bible along with men.
  1. What do you expect most from a visit to a good friend?
    • Jesus and his disciples had been out all day. What do you think they expected from their stay in the home of these sisters?
  2. Think about the reactions of Martha and Mary to the visit of Jesus. Which is easier for you to understand and why?
  3. We can see Martha's actual problem in verse 40. What was it?
    • What made Martha irritated over Jesus, not only over her sister?
    • In what situation did you want to say to Jesus: "Lord, don't you care...?"
  4. What did Mary think about the evening meal?
    • Why would Jesus have rather had Martha also listen to his teaching?
  5. Some Christians are more eager to serve Jesus than to hear his voice. Why?
    • What does it show about a relationship between two people if one of them is not interested in hearing what the other wants to say?
  6. What did Jesus mean by "the one thing that is needed" (vs. 42)?
    • Do you agree that hearing the words of Jesus is the only thing you need in life and death?
  7. Why would Jesus want you to hear his word regularly?
    • What will happen to us if we hear Jesus' words only occasionally?
    • Where and how can we hear the words of Jesus in our day?
  8. When we choose to do something, it means that we choose to leave something else undone. What concrete things do you have to leave undone in order to have time to read the Bible and go to Christian meetings?
  9. Whom do you think Jesus loved better, Martha or Mary?
    • Which of these verses do you think Jesus is saying to you personally today: verse 41 or 42?
  10. The only thing needed in life and death is to hear the words of God. Why couldn't Jesus hear them when he was hanging on the cross?

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