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22. IT IS FINISHED! (John 19:25-30)

BACKGROUND: Crucifixion was perhaps the cruelest way ever invented for torturing a fellow human being. What made it painful for a crucified person to talk, was that while inhaling he had to put his weight on the nails in his feet. While hanging on the cross Jesus was in fact in hell, because he had been forsaken by God. The disciple whom Jesus loved was in fact John himself (verse 26).
  1. Verses 25-27
    • Why do you think it is that most of the friends of Jesus gathering under the cross were women? (Do you think there is a difference between men and women when it comes to witnessing suffering that can no longer be relieved?)
    • Why couldn’t Mary, the mother of Jesus, keep away from the cross of her Son?
    • What do you think was most difficult for Mary in this situation?
    • Which do you think Mary was hoping to happen in this situation; that a miracle would happen, or that her Son would die as soon as possible? Give your reasons.
    • When witnessing the humiliation of Jesus, did Mary still believe that he was the Son of God? Give your reasons.
    • What did the last words of her Son mean to Mary? Imagine the situation where Jesus died without saying anything to his mother.
    • Why did Jesus want to leave his mother in the care of John, and nobody else? (How would Mary’s situation have been different if she had returned to her four remaining sons after Jesus’ death; note that they didn’t believe in him yet?)
    • What do you think Jesus would like to point out through this story about your relationship to your parents?
  2. Verses 28-29
    • Think of various reasons why crucified people became extremely thirsty.
    • What else except water did Jesus thirst after on the cross?
    • Jesus had once said in front of a crowd, “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink” (John 7:37). Why did Jesus, the owner of Living Water, now have to succumb to thirst?
  3. Verse 30
    • The leader should read Matt.3:15 – Jesus’ words immediately before his baptism. Compare them with verse 30.
    • Do you believe that Jesus has fulfilled in your place all righteousness (i.e. all God’s commandments)?
    • What is the difference between these two expressions, “Jesus died” and, “Jesus gave up his spirit”?
    • Compare the last hours of Jesus with the last ours of somebody you have seen die. (What was so unique in Jesus’ behavior?)

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