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19. SADNESS WILL TURN INTO GLADNESS (John 16:20-24, 32-33)

NOTE: Jesus speaks here about the effect on his disciples of his death – which would take place the following day.
  1. Why would the world possibly rejoice about the death of Jesus (verse 20)?
  2. What does Jesus want to say to us through the image of a woman giving birth (verse 21)?
    • Why is it always painful for something new to be born?
    • What new has been born into your own life, or into the lives of your loved ones, through pain you have experienced?
    • Jesus is probably referring to his own death in verse 21. What does he want to say about it through the simile of birth?
  3. How can grief and joy belong together (verse 22)?
    • What kinds/sorts of things can take our joy away from us (verse 22)?
    • What is the joy that nothing and no one can take away from us?
  4. According to Jesus, what condition is there for prayer being heard (verses 23,24)?
    • What difference is there between simply to praying to God and praying to him in the name of Jesus?
  5. What does Jesus mean by his promise that his Father will give us whatever we ask him for (verses 23,24)?
    • Do you believe that the promises in verses 23 to 24 are valid in your case too? Give your reasons.
    • What has been the most wonderful answer to your prayers during your life as a Christian?
  6. Jesus says in verse 33 that Christians will have trouble as long as they are in this world. What kinds of things is Jesus referring to by "trouble"?
    • Why are so many Christians looking for a life without any troubles?
  7. What does it mean that we have peace in Jesus even in the midst of our sufferings?
    • In your opinion, can a Christian have peace in the midst of his sufferings, if he does not first believe that they come from the hand of God? Give your reasons.
  8. What does it mean that Jesus has overcome the world (verse 33)?
    • Jesus wants to say verse 33 personally to you today. What do his words mean to you in your present circumstances?

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