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14. THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE (John 11:1-5 and 32-46)

BACKGROUND: When Jesus heard about the illness of Lazarus, he was one day’s walk away from Bethany.

Verses 1-5

  1. How did these three siblings know that Jesus loved them (verses 3 and 5)?
    • How can you know that Jesus loves you and your family?
  2. Why didn’t Jesus set out at once to heal Lazarus?
    • What did Jesus mean by the words of verse 4?
    • Do you think that Jesus could also say the words of verse 4 in regard to your suffering?

Verses 25-26

  1. What do these verses mean?
    • Why is it that the one who believes in Jesus does not have to fear death?

Verses 32-46

  1. How do you think Mary felt about Jesus while saying the words found in verse 32? Discuss various possibilities.
  2. What exactly was the reason for Jesus becoming “deeply moved in spirit and troubled” (verse 33)?
  3. What might it have meant to Mary that Jesus wept with her (verse 35)?
    • What does it mean to you that Jesus has – perhaps unknown to you – wept with you about parting from a loved one, or some other sorrow in your life?
  4. For what purpose did Martha think Jesus wanted to open the grave (verses 38-39)?
    • Did Martha believe that Jesus would raise her brother from the dead? Give your reasons.
    • What did Jesus mean by his words in verse 40?
  5. What exactly did Jesus ask for in his prayer in verses 41-42?
    • How do you think those present felt when they saw Lazarus coming out of the grave (verses 43-44)?
  6. How was the faith of Martha and Mary changed by the events at the grave of Lazarus?
    • How did this miracle affect the Jews who were present (verses 45-46)?
    • Why is it that some people can stick to their unbelief, even when witnessing a miracle like this one?
  7. How do you think Lazarus felt on being brought back to life?
    • Why did Jesus raise Lazarus from the dead while knowing perfectly well what price he would have to pay for this action later on (verse 53)?
GLAD TIDINGS: Jesus raised a dead man who had only been paid his due wages (because the wages of sin is death). Soon after this, Jesus atoned for Lazarus’ sin with his own death. That is why Jesus can now become the resurrection and the life for you, for me and for our loved ones.

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