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9. THE BREAD OF LIFE (John 6:1-15)

BACKGROUND: The prophet the people are referring to in verse 14 means the one Moses had predicted would come into the world. This prophet was supposed to be like Moses himself (Deut.18:15 and 18). Because people had received manna in the wilderness in Moses’ day, this new prophet should surely be able to perform a similar miracle. Five small loaves and two fish made one meal at that time.
  1. What was the secret of Jesus’ popularity (verse 2)?
    • Why didn’t Jesus’ popularity last very long?
    • What do famous people usually do when their popularity starts to ebb?
  2. Why did Jesus test the faith of his disciples over and over again (verses 5-6)?
    • In your opinion, did the disciples become any more mature through these tests of faith?
    • How has God tested your faith through financial difficulties? (You can answer in your own heart.)
  3. 200 denariis corresponded in Jesus day’ to the wages of eight months. In our country today, how many people could you buy lunch for with eight months’ wages (verse 7)?
  4. How do you think the boy felt when he offered his lunch to one of the disciples (verse 9)?
    • Do you think Andrew expected a miracle when mentioning the boy to Jesus? Give your reasons?
  5. Some theologians argue that the food was increased to 5000-fold because those who had something to eat, shared it with their neighbors. What in this passage shows that this interpretation is wrong?
    • Why is this miracle so important that it is recorded in all four gospels?
  6. What kind of ruler have people opted to have throughout history (verse 15)?
    • Why didn’t Jesus want to be made the king of the Jews at this point even though he could claim that position as a descendant of David?
  7. What, above all, do “the masses” expect to get from Jesus today?
    • What do you expect to get from Jesus above anything else?
    • What does the feeding miracle of Jesus say to you personally today?
  8. Why did people still require a miraculous sign from Jesus even after having experienced this particular one (verse 30)?
  9. What did Jesus mean by saying after this miracle that he was the bread of life (verse 35)?

GLAD TIDINGS: Read verses 48 to 51. The miracle of feeding 5000 men speaks about Jesus himself – how he became the bread of life. Jesus had to die that we could eat his bread and live forever. The bread of life can also mean the bread of Holy Communion.

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