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1. THE WORD WAS GOD. (John 1:1-18)

BACKGROUND: (A) If there are people in your Glad Tidings study group who don’t know the Bible at all, we suggest that you don’t start with this passage. It is too difficult for beginners. (B) The questions in parentheses should only be asked if no one has answered the previous question.

  1. The word (verses 1-3,14)
    • Explain in your own words the meaning of these four verses.
    • What do you think is the significance of “the word” to the fellowship shared by two people?
    • Why is “the word” the most important thing in the Christian faith, more important than, say, experience?
    • If we didn’t have the word of God, how could we know God?
    • Why is Jesus called The Word of God?
  2. The light (verses 4-10)
    • What do verses 4-5 mean?
    • What has light in-common with Jesus?
    • What does it mean that the darkness has not overcome the light? (Verse 5 and the relevant footnote)
    • Why didn’t the world recognize Jesus even though he was “shining” as a light in darkness (verse 10)?
  3. John the Baptist (verses 6-8)
    • According to this passage, what was John the Baptist’s role?
    • What does it mean that John the Baptist was not the light himself? (verse 8)
    • What had made John so humble that he didn’t strive to be “the light” himself?
    • Compare the role of John with your own role in the kingdom of God.
  4. The world and the children of God (verses 9-13)
    • What kind of place is “the world” according to this passage?
    • How does one become a child of God according this passage? (Why doesn’t anyone become a child of God through natural birth?)
    • Have you already become a child of God? If you have, how? (You can answer this in your own heart.)
  5. The witness of John (verses 15-18)
    • Say in your own words what John the Baptist witnessed about Jesus.
    • Can you bear witness that verse 16 is true in your life?
    • What, according to John, is the only means by which we can learn to know God?
    • In the light of this passage, what do you think about the claim that Jews, Muslims and Christians all have the same God?

GLAD TIDINGS: Jesus and the Word are one and the same thing. If you receive the word of the Bible into your life, you receive Jesus. If you reject the Bible, you will reject Jesus. The word of Jesus is the light, which is shining in your darkness even today. It is only from this word that you can receive “grace upon grace”.

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