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Luke 23:32-43

Background: In the Roman Empire, people were usually crucified only for the hardest crimes. We can therefore assume that the two men were multiple and relentless murderers. As Jews, they too had attended some synagogue school and learned the Ten Commandments, for example, “Thou shall not kill” and “Thou shall not steal.”

A preliminary question

Verse 32

Verses 33-34. Note that the crucified were first stripped naked.

Verse 35. The Old Testament prophets had predicted that God would send to Israel a great king, the new David. In Hebrew, that king was called the Messiah, in Greek Christ. The title means “anointed.”

Verses 36-37. These mockers were Roman soldiers.

Verse 38. Sometimes a tablet was attached over the head of a crucified person, with his crimes written on it. Jesus also had a crown of thorns on his head. We can call the two murderers “A” and “B.”

Verses 39-41

Verses 42-43. Presumably “A” thought that he would go to hell for the murders he committed.

Glad tidings: The gate of paradise opened to the murderer because Jesus passed through the gate of hell in his stead – and in our stead. In fact, Jesus suffered punishment for all the sins of that murderer and can therefore forgive them to him. In the same way we can also get our sins forgiven, no matter how terrible they are.

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