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Luke 7:36-50

Background: A honoured guest was welcomed in those days with a welcome kiss and. After that his feet were washed and anointed with olive oil. The Pharisees were people who wanted to live according to God’s will. They also separated themselves from sinners. The woman in our text was apparently selling herself as a prostitute. She must have heard that Jesus was eating together with sinners, which other religious teachers never did. Preliminary questions

Verse 36

Verse 37. A bottle of alabaster full of perfume cost quite a bit of money. Women would carry such a bottle of perfume with a string around their necks.

Verse 38. In that culture, women were usually wearing a scarf on their heads. They were not supposed to take it off and show their hair in front of strange men.

Verse 39

Verses 40-43. Jesus shows that he has read Simon’s thoughts and tells him a small parable. 500 denarii corresponds to a salary for one and a half years, and 50 denarii to a salary of one and a half months.

Verses 44-46

Verse 47-48

Verse 49. Jesus’ words amazed the people because the Jews could receive forgiveness only when offering an animal sacrifice in the temple.

Verse 50

Glad tidings: If you bring the debt of your sins to Jesus (say, at the communion table), he will say to you the same words that he said to the woman of our text: “Your sins are forgiven. Your faith has saved you. Go in peace” (verses 48 and 50). Only he can say these words because he has paid all your debt with his own blood.

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