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Luke 2:1-20

Background: In the 1st chapter of Luke, it is told how Mary became pregnant from the Holy Spirit without the contribution of any man. Relatives and neighbors, of course, thought that the child was Joseph’s. In that culture, starting a sexual relationship before the wedding was a terrible sin and a terrible shame. Note that the Jews had been waiting for the birth of David’s son, Christ the King, already for hundreds of years, because it had been prophesied in the Old Testament.

Verses 1-3

Verses 4-5

Verses 6-7. A manger means a feeding trough for animals. Based on that, it has been concluded that Jesus was born in an animal shelter, possibly in a cave.

Verses 8-9. Shepherds were discriminated against at that time because they could not “keep the Sabbath holy”, i. e. not to work on the day of rest. They were also not accepted as witnesses in courts due to their alleged unreliability.

Verses 10-12

Verses 13-14

Verses 15-20

Glad tidings: Jesus was born into this world so that you too would have great joy in your life. He wants to be your Savior and forgive you your wrongdoings. These “glad tidings”, however, had a high price, which Jesus himself had to pay. He started paying it in the manger and finished it on the cross.

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