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BACKGROUND INFORMATION: It is said in the Hebrews something important about Abel: You have come to Jesus, the mediator of a new covenant, and to the sprinkled blood that speaks of something better than Abelís does (Hebr.12:24).

  • What does the blood of Abel preach to us? What does the blood of Jesus preach to us?

  • What do you think about the answer Cain gave to Godís curse Ė what does it show of him and his relation to God (13-14)?
  • How can we see that God still loves Cain?
  • Consider various possibilities, what may have been the mark on Cain.
  • What do we know about the place where Cain settled to live?

  • What general observations can you make about the family of Cain?
  • Which parts of human culture originate from Cainís family?
  • Compare verses 15 and 23-24 and think what kind of function did ďthe concept of revengeĒ have in Cainís family?
  • How does the way of thinking in Cainís family resemble the entertainment culture of our day/ the old samurai culture in Japan?

    25-26. Remember that human beings became mortals only after the fall.
  • What gave Adam and Eve the strength to bear the consequences of their sins, when one son killed the other, and fled the country afterwards?
  • What did the parents think about their own fall at this point?
  • Adam and Eve had to live for many years only two of them; Seth was born when they were 130 years old (5:3). What do you think was their hope and comfort during that long time?
  • What could be the hope and comfort for the parents of our own day when they see their shortcomings and sins as parents?
  • What did the birth of Seth mean for his parents? Think of as many things as possible.
  • Verse 26b is thought to mark the beginning of regular worship on earth. Why did Adam and Eve start is now, not before and not after?

  • What does it mean that Adam was created in the likeness of God, but Seth was fathered in the likeness of Adam (1,3)?
  • Where did Cain and Seth get wives?
  • What might be the reason for the first people living into such old age?
  • In your opinion, was the life of Adam and Eve happy or unhappy? Give your reasons.

    1.Cor.15:45-49. In these verses Jesus called the second Adam/ the last Adam.
  • What did God need another Adam for?
  • In what ways is Jesus like the first Adam, in what ways is he different from him?
  • In what ways are we all like the first Adam?
  • Why did the second Adam have to die on the cross?
  • When will we become like the second Adam?

    The summary question:
  • Think all these four studies and answer the following question: What was the most important thing you learned about the first family on earth?

    THE GOSPEL: Jesus made a completely new start in the history of mankind. He became another Adam, overcoming Satanís temptations and resisting a fall into sin. Yet he agreed to suffer the punishment that the first family on earth deserved and as your family deserves.

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