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Some problems that the leader may face

What do you do when nobody says anything?

This problem is common during the first two or three questions in a new group. Don't panic! People will start answering if they see that you won't do it for them. It is usually only the leader who feels the silence is too long. Others are thinking about the Bible text! The silence in this case is positive silence, not negative.

What do you do if you don't know the answer to a question that one of the participants is asking you?

What do you do when someone gives a wild answer?

You should never say to the face of a participant that he/she is wrong, because he/she may feel it like a loss of face.

What do you do if the participants drift away from the text?

There are people who always tend to do this. If the leader lets them, there will be no meeting with Jesus for anyone during that study.

What do you do if somebody tends to answer with a sermon? What do you do if the same person answers every time so fast that the others don't have time to think?

What do you do if there arises a disagreement on some doctrinal matter?

This doesn't happen often, but if it does...

What do you do if somebody interrupts the Bible study by saying that he doesn't like the system?

There are people who would like to have "a right answer" to every question, and become unhappy when nobody seems to give them.

What do you do if one of the participants doesn't ever say a word?

Try to find out if this person really wants to be silent. Those who like to sit still don't usually look at the leader. Don't force them to talk. Those who would like to say something but don't have the courage to do it, usually look at the leader. You can encourage them to say their opinions every now and then.

What if somebody becomes angry?

If somebody gets angry to what the Bible says, it is God's responsibility, not yours.

What if a participant has mental problems, which make him/her talk all the time?

Experience shows that in that case it is better to find another group for the person in question, otherwise the Glad Tidings study will not last long.

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