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During a study

The group has gathered in somebody's living room for the first time. What will you do?

First explain "the rules of the game":

  1. During this study the leader is not going to answer his/her own questions.
  2. On the other hand, the leader will never say that an answer is wrong.
  3. The leader will bring the discussion back to the text if somebody starts to speak about other things.

The participants read the Bible text aloud. The leader explains the background material according to the book and prays a short prayer. Then the passage is read silently once more.

The leader asks one question at a time and waits for more than one answer. A question is marked with * or a question in parenthesis must be read only if no one answers the previous question.

As a rule, answering is voluntary. Only in the case of young children may the leader ask by using names.

We don't take notes in a Glad Tidings group. Neither do we look at other Bible places except for the one we are studying.

Participants shouldn't look at the questions while answering. They can be distributed to everybody after the study or participants can buy their own books.

If the group is talkative, the leader must skip some questions in order to finish in time. Don't, however, skip the last questions because they are the most important ones.

If the leader is honest, others will be too.

When the questions are finished, everyone can tell their main discovery from that text. The leader can also tell his/hers now.

Finally the leader prays for the problems of the participants, which were mentioned during the study.

If even one person was touched by the love of Jesus, you can conclude that the study was a success.

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