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Let's start with motivation

The motivation of a church worker

The church worker must believe that lay people learn to lead Glad Tidings groups better than themselves. Also, we learn from our mistakes. It is like raising children: you can do everything by yourself better and faster than your child, but if you do, he/she won't learn anything. After a few months, Paul always left new churches in the hands of new Christians, i.e. "to God and to the Word of his grace" (Acts 20:32). Why should it take such a long time in our day? Also, we can learn from church history that during the times of revivals lay Christians were always leading small groups. Trust in the Holy Spirit! It is neither you nor the group leader who makes a Glad Tidings study alive; it is Jesus and his Spirit.

The motivation of Christians

Tell your congregation that there always comes a special blessing to those homes which open their doors to gatherings around the Bible. Don't start the first Glad Tidings group in a big home, spick-and-span from corner to corner, with a wonderful meal in the end. If you do, it will be difficult to have other people start groups in their homes. You should start in a modest home with a very simple serving and others will follow suit. Tell the congregation that Glad Tidings groups can help your church in three ways:

  1. They bring new people to services and to baptism.
  2. They help old Christians to grow in faith.
  3. They nurture new leaders.

How to select the first group leaders

Don't ask people who are already busy with other things. Don't ask people who are very talkative and very dominating. Ask those who have been recently converted, or who have been encouraged by Glad Tidings Bible studies themselves.

Don't start with theory, start with experience

It is impossible to understand the point of Glad Tidings groups without first taking part in an actual Bible study. You can ask experienced people to come to your church and lead a Glad Tidings Bible study there (see the last page.) Then you can use Glad Tidings questions in many meetings, camps etc. until all the Christians of your church have experienced a Bible study like this.

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