30. WHY DID YOU FORSAKE ME (Matt.27:33-54)

BACKGROUND: It is hard for someone being crucified to speak, sometimes even to breathe. The prophet Elijah (vs.49) had lived 800 years earlier. Ordinary people were not allowed to look at the Holy of Holies behind the curtain in the temple (vs.51).
  1. The execution of death sentence was left to occupying forces. Based on verses 33-36, how do you think these Roman soldiers felt when commanded to nail living people to a cross?
    • Wine was usually given to those crucified to relieve the pain. Why do you think the soldiers had in this case mixed it with gall so that it became impossible to drink (vs.34)?
    • What might make a person get used to suffering of another human being and even start to enjoy it? (How much do you think violence in movies and video games may influence us?)
  2. What is surprising about the reasons why the enemies of Jesus mocked him (vs.39-44)?
    • If you had seen Jesus at that moment, do you think you could have believed he was God?
  3. What did the enemies of Jesus perhaps expect him to say as his last words?
    • Why had God forsaken Jesus (vs.46)?
    • If you have ever felt that God has forsaken you, in what situation did it happen?
  4. How do you think those present felt when Jesus still called God his own God?
    • The words in verse 46 are a quotation from the Psalm 22:1. Why did Jesus want to express his agony through the words of the Bible rather than with his own words?
    • What would you like to say as your last words on this earth?
  5. Why do some people cry while dying (vs.50)?
    • What does the cry of Jesus reveal about his death?
  6. How did the atmosphere on Golgotha change during the day (vs.51-54)?
  7. What made the Roman officer (who didn't know the Bible) believe that this man forsaken by God and men was in fact the Son of God (vs.54)?
    • Why did the Jews see the death of Jesus in such a different light than the Roman officer did?
  8. We often think that the suffering of Jesus was so great because he was carrying all the sins of the world on his shoulders. How great do you think his suffering would have been if he had carried just your sins to the cross?
    • If you had been the only one human being on this earth, do you think Jesus would have come and suffered all this just because of you? Give your reasons.

GLAD TIDINGS: When you look at this passage you can clearly see one thing, namely how much Jesus loves you.

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