29. STRUGGLE IN GETHSEMANE (Matt.26:36-46)

BACKGROUND: In the Bible a cup often means a cup full of God's wrath, which the sinner has to gulp down (vs.39).
  1. When you feel really unhappy, how many people would you like to have around you? (Why didn't Jesus want to go alone to Gethsemane?)
    • These three disciples were all fishermen who had been working through many a night. Why couldn't they now stay awake one single hour?
  2. This is the one and only time when Jesus spoke about his own pain and sorrow (vs.38). What exactly was so painful for him in this situation?
    • If you have ever felt yourself overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death, in what situation did it happen?
  3. Many people have met their deaths without showing any fear. Why not Jesus? (What if Jesus had died like that, what would his behavior have signified to us?)
    • What makes someone lie face down on the earth (verse 39)?
  4. Why didn't Jesus ask his disciples to pray for him (verse 40-41)?
    • What kind of temptation does Jesus speak about in verse 41?
  5. Look at Jesus' prayer in verse 39. Did Jesus have the same will as his Father at that moment?
    • Why is the first part of this prayer important? Why is the second part equally important?
    • What will happen to us, if we only pray half of that prayer?
  6. How did Jesus' prayer change when he prayed for the second time (vs.39,42)?
    • Why didn't Jesus stop after having prayed once or twice (vs.39,42,44)?
  7. Did Jesus' own will change while he was praying? If it did, in what way?
    • Do you think you could ever pray that the person you love above all would forsake you, if necessary? Give your reasons.
    • What would have happened to us if Jesus had refused to drink the cup of God's wrath?
  8. What impression do you get about Jesus in verses 45-46 compared to how he was before that? (Why was he so calm from this point on until his death?)
  9. What would have happened if Jesus had ended up on the cross without this struggle?
    • Why is it so important that we too have our own Gethsemane before our Golgotha?

GLAD TIDINGS: Jesus was so shaken because he knew that his deep relationship with his father would be cut off from that moment on. We don't have to drink the cup of God's wrath because Jesus drank it for us.

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