3. JESUS IS BAPTIZED (Matt.3:13-17)

BACKGROUND: Two men in their early thirties met each other by the river Jordan. In fact, they were cousins. One of them was wearing strange clothes. Jesus had up till that time been living in Galilee, John in the desert of Judea. We are not told whether these men had met before. (The leader should briefly summarize what is said in Matt.3:1-12.)
  1. What was the difference between the childhood and young age of these two men?
    • When do you think John understood that Jesus was the Son of God?
    • Why didn't fame/popularity spoil John?
  2. What was the difference between Jesus and other people who wanted to be baptized?
    • Why didn't John want to baptize Jesus?
    • Why did Jesus want to be baptized although John's baptism was meant only for sinners?
  3. What do the words of Jesus in verse 15 mean?
    • The leader should read John 19:30. How did Jesus fulfill all righteousness?
  4. What does this passage tell us about the relationship between Jesus and God?
    • What does this passage teach us about the Trinity?
    • The Holy Spirit had been in Jesus all the time. Why did he appear in visible form only when Jesus was baptized?
  5. Why did God want to proclaim to all people the things he said in verse 17?
    • Recall what has happened to you during the last month. Do you think God could say about you the same thing as he said about Jesus in verse 17?
  6. John baptized people only after they had confessed their sins; that is why his baptism is called the baptism of repentance. What is the difference between Christian baptism and John's baptism? (See also Acts 2:38).
  7. During Christian baptism God says to the one baptized the same words as he said to his Son (vs.17). On what grounds can he say this to a sinner?
  8. The leader should explain briefly how Abraham offered his son to God (Gen.22). The words in verse 17 are vaguely reminiscent of the words God said to Abraham in Gen.22:2. What are the common points between Abraham and God sacrificing their sons?

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