38. TO ALL NATIONS (Luke 24:44-53)

  1. According to Jesus, what is the message his disciples should preach and where should they preach it?
    • Why would Jesus give such a task to 11 uneducated men?
  2. Which things opened the minds of the disciples to understand the Old Testament?
    • What must happen in order for us to understand the Old Testament?
  3. Jesus calls his disciples as witnesses (vs. 48). What do they have to witness about?
    • What should we witness about and to whom?
  4. The word "witness" could also be translated as "martyr". What made the disciples ready even to die for the sake of the gospel?
  5. Jesus promises his followers power from on high. Why is this power indispensable for the witnesses of Jesus?
    • Do you think you have already received power from on high and if you have, how?
  6. Paul, the greatest missionary ever, describes this power from on high like this: (The leader should read Romans 1:16 and 2.Cor.12:9-10.) Discuss: how does the power of God differ from the usual meaning of the word "power"?
  7. According to this text, what are the terms of becoming a missionary?
  8. Why didn't Jesus stay on this earth in bodily form?
    • How did the ascension happen?
    • What made the disciples happy even though their Lord had been taken away from them?
  9. Discuss: was it as easy for the disciples to communicate with Jesus after his ascension, as it was while he was still on earth?
    • How often are you conscious that Jesus is near you as your invisible friend?
GLAD TIDINGS: As to what Jesus is now doing in heaven, see Hebrews 7:25.

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