35. PETER DISOWNS HIS MASTER (Luke 22:31-33 and 54-62)

BACKGROUND: The leader should read Matt.10:32-33 in order that everyone will understand what a grave sin it is to deny knowing Jesus before men.
  1. If someone you love very much predicted that you would disassociate yourself with him/her on the same day, what would your reaction be?
    • Why couldn't Peter believe the prediction of Jesus in verse 34?
  2. Why did Peter, unlike most of the other disciples, follow Jesus all the way to the courtyard of the high priest?
  3. What was Peter afraid of when he disowned Jesus three times?
    • What would you have done if you had been in the place of Peter?
    • In what situation do you feel tempted to deny your Christian faith?
  4. In vs.61 Jesus' farewell to Peter is described. What do you think Jesus wanted to say to his fallen disciple through his last look?
    • What made a grown man cry bitterly (vs. 62)?
  5. What did Peter think at this point about the conversation he had had with Jesus earlier on the day (vs. 31-34)?
    • What do you think it meant to Peter to know that Jesus had prayed for him and was praying for him?
  6. Earlier on, Peter had fiercely opposed the idea of Jesus being killed. What did he learn through this incident about why Jesus had to die?
  7. How did this incident make Peter capable of strengthening his brothers?
    • How does our falling into sin make us capable of strengthening our brothers and sisters?
  8. Jesus is looking at you at this moment in the same way he looked at Peter after his fall. What do his eyes say to you?
GLAD TIDINGS: Peter disowned his Lord and Master, but was forgiven. Instead, Jesus had to experience being disowned by his Father while carrying the punishment of our cowardice to the cross.

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