BACKGROUND: In this culture, a woman was not supposed to show her hair in public. Verses 44-46 describe how honored guests were usually welcomed to a home.
  1. What did the Pharisee Simon think about Jesus whom he had invited to his house (verses 36,39,44-46)?
    • Why do you think Simon invited Jesus in the first place?
  2. Everybody knew the woman because she was the prostitute of the town (verse 37). Try to imagine the life of this woman when she was growing up - what had perhaps made her a prostitute? Think of various possibilities.
    • What kind of experiences did this woman have about being loved?
  3. An alabaster jar full of perfume was quite expensive. Think of various reasons why this woman had saved the money and bought the jar?
  4. Why did the woman want to meet Jesus so badly? She must have known that she would not get any warm welcome in the house of the Pharisee!
    • What made the woman believe that Jesus would not turn her down?
  5. Why did this woman want to touch Jesus?
    • What happens if we are touched by somebody or something we detest?
    • What happened when the woman touched Jesus?
  6. What made the woman cry so much that the feet of Jesus became wet?
  7. What do you think came first in the case of this woman: her faith in Jesus or her love for him? Give your reasons from the text.
    • If you at one time have felt that that you love Jesus with all your heart what was the occasion?
  8. In verses 41-42 Jesus tells a little parable about a moneylender. (Five hundred denarii amounts to the salary of 12 years. Fifty denarii amounts to the salary of 12 months.) Sin is here likened to debt. What did Jesus want to teach to Simon through this story?
    • What were the sins of Simon to which Jesus refers in his parable?
  9. What happened to the sin-debt the woman owed to God?
    • What happened to the sin-debt Simon owed to God?
    • Why didn't Simon love Jesus?
  10. Jesus, who is fully aware of all your sins, says to you now the words that are written in verses 48 and 50. What do you answer to him?

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