7. THE GREAT CATCH OF FISH (Luke 5:1-11)

BACKGROUND: Peter had a mother-in-law (Luke 4:38-39), which means that he also had a wife and children. Peter was a fisherman - if he didn't get fish he wouldn't have a livelihood. On Lake of Gennesaret they fished at night (not in broad daylight) and in shallow rather than deep water.
  1. If any of you have ever worked on a night shift, please tell us how you usually felt the following morning?
    • Imagine what Peter was thinking while washing his nets after a night of unsuccessful labour (vs.2)?
  2. Why did Jesus want to be in a boat while teaching the people (vs.3)?
    • Why do you think Jesus chose Peter's boat for his platform?
  3. Peter had just washed the nets. Moreover, he was an expert in fishing, Jesus was not. What made him follow the orders of Jesus in spite of risking the loss of face in front of other fishermen (vs.4-5)?
    • What do you think: did Peter believe he would get fish or not?
  4. If Jesus asked you to do something that you thought was impossible, how would you answer him?
  5. A few years ago, a fishing boat dating back to the time of Jesus was discovered in the mud of Lake of Gennesaret. It was about eight meters long and more than two meters wide. How many fish weighing one kilo each would two such boats contain (vs.7)?
    • What happened to all these fish?
  6. What surprises you about the reaction of Peter to this miracle?
    • Which sins might Peter have had in mind when saying the words in verse 8?
  7. What did Peter learn about the person of Jesus through this miracle? (See also how he addresses Jesus in vs. 5 and 8.)
    • What made Peter feel afraid?
  8. Why did Jesus speak as he did in vs. 10 only after Peter's confession?
    • What does a fisherman have in common with a person who proclaims the gospel?
  9. What guarantee did Peter have that his family wouldn't starve after he left them and followed Jesus?
    • Do you have any assurance that your family won't suffer if you decide to follow Jesus wherever he tells you to go?

GLAD TIDINGS: Simon was not mistaken when he thought that a sinful man couldn't come near to the holy God. He knew what the OT said: the sinner who draws near God will die. That is why Jesus had to experience the fate Simon was afraid of - he was forsaken by God when facing his death.

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